Universal Fields—
Lakshmi - Mother of the Herd

24th August, 2012

Today is the 15th birthday of one of our most dear and special cows, Lakshmi, the Matriarch of the herd. She is one of the original heifers that started this herd about 14 years ago. In her day, she was known as the best milker because she gave so much milk. Lakshmi still enjoys grazing side by side with her two daughters, Lalita and Vedi, and her granddaughter Gopi.

Lakshmi is very precious to everyone. She is the wise elder of the herd, and through her very developed fine feeling level, she has the ability to care for and love all those around her—even the humans who take care of the herd feel very loved and nourished by her. Lakshmi is the cow that will come to any celebration and graciously accept the many garlands that are sometimes bestowed on her, she always acknowledges anyone that comes her way. Lakshmi is very intuitive and we often feel very blessed to have such a wise cow in the herd.

To watch the introductory video about this herd: http://www.universalfields.org/video_intro.html

If you would like to see this Vedic Organic Cow herd expand, please help by donating, spreading the word, or acting in any way you can creatively think of to bring awareness of the essential nourishing and life-supporting role of cows.

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