Universal Fields—
Choti Tara- Little Star

Choti Tara is celebrating her First birthday today—May 2, 2012!

Choti Tara is unique in the world of today's cows because she has spent her whole first year of life being nursed by her natural mother, playing with her half-brother and being adored by the rest of her cow family.

Choti Tara was born on May 2, 2011 to a special herd of Vedic Organic Jersey Cows. The word Veda means knowledge, and these special cows have pure knowledge applied to all aspects of their lives. Choti Tara is lucky to be born into such a herd in which she will always be protected and will be able to live out her whole natural life in peace and harmony.

Choti Tara eats organic alfalfa hay in winter and enjoys the warmth and sunshine streaming through the Maharishi Vastu® barn, which was built in accord with natural law. In the spring and summer, she is free to play in the fields and eat fresh green grass. Choti Tara's birthday wish is that all cows could enjoy the life of a "Vedic Organic Cow," in which they are humanely treated with love and respect.

The milk that Choti Tara will produce when she has a calf will be of a superior quality—it will nourish the lives of all who drink it.

To watch the introductory video about this herd: http://www.universalfields.org/video_intro.html

If you would also like to see this Vedic Organic Cow herd expand, please help by donating, spreading the word, or acting in any way you can creatively think of to bring awareness of the essential nourishing and life-supporting role of cows.

We welcome your comments and ideas to help bring fresh Vedic Organic milk to everyone who wants it!

For more information,
or to support this unique herd of cows,
email somagosala@gmail.com