Universal Fields—
Mission Statement

Our goal at Universal Fields is to help restore the age-old, mutually sustainable relationship between human beings and cows everywhere in the world.

For thousands of years cows have been known to bestow good fortune, good health, harmony and peace wherever they reside, and those who cared for them knew the importance of treating them with utmost respect, kindness, and love. Over the past few centuries the knowledge of the high status and auspiciousness of the cow and the importance of giving proper care and protection to the cow has been lost and forgotten. Consequently, today cows are being consigned to the unfortunate position of being milking machines and walking hamburgers, and this widespread abuse and exploitation is resulting in all kinds of misfortunes both for human and cows.

Fortunately, the whole thing can turn around. Together we can create a happier and healthier life for all—the age-old principles of sustainable cow care are being revived and practiced by many people throughout the world. Here at Universal Fields, we are engaged in a great adventure and experiment of applying ancient principles of cow-care derived from the Vedic tradition of India, in caring for a herd of nine cows in the Catskill mountains of New York.

The results of this experiment in sustainable cow care have been highly gratifying— daily we experience the blessings of culturing a quality of relationship with our cows that is yielding not only the finest, most nourishing milk ever, but bringing us deep joy and satisfaction from growing in greater attunement and harmony with the laws of nature that sustain all life everywhere.

It is said that until cows are honored, world peace cannot become a reality. Based on our experience, we firmly believe this to be true and are committed to restoring to the world the principles and practice of sustainable cow care everywhere in the world. We warmly invite you to join us.