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Calves stay with their mothers

new barn in summer

Maharishi Vastu® barn

Cows live out their full lifespan

Our goal at Universal Fields is to help restore the age-old, mutually sustaining and enriching relationship between human beings and cows everywhere in the world. Mission Statement

Soma Gosala is a small organic dairy run on Vedic principles. Our cows live long, happy, cruelty-free lives producing health-promoting milk of the highest quality, replenishing the fields, and softly nourishing the environment with their presence.

We invite you to learn more about this project, which combines organic agriculture with the sustainability of eternal transcendental consciousness. This project is dedicated to the expansion of human awareness through the proper care and protection of cows.


Short video introduction to our
Vedic organic cows

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Two young calves in the barn eating hay

Meet some members of the herd:


Choti Tara>>

Tala Raam>>


Sustainable Practices
versus        Short-sighted Practices
Cows live out their natural life span. Cows live only 4-6 years and are then culled.
Calves are allowed to stay with their mothers. Calves are separated at birth from their mothers.
Cows enjoy organic feed and graze on pasture. Cows are housed on cement and fed non-organic GMO feeds.
Cows are nourished, respected, and treated with kindness. Cows are treated as milking machines and walking hamburgers.